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Skardu Airport: History, Location, and Much More

Skardu Airport: History, Location, and Much More

Beautiful view of Skardu

Skardu is known all around the world for the getting over and mountaineering endeavors it offers. The city is home to K2, the world’s second-most elevated mountain and Pakistan’s most elevated mountain. The city’s magnificence, culture, legacy, and neighborliness draw in many guests consistently from everywhere in the world.


The Skardu Airport is a magnum opus encompassed by snow-covered mountaintops, enchanting streams, and the famous virus desert. It is a humble little office in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region, at approximately 7316 feet.


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The air terminal associates Skardu with Islamabad. After significant fixes and changes, the air terminal’s status was proclaimed and again introduced to Skardu International Airport on December 2, 2021, to make it a travel industry center for Gilgit-Baltistan.

Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced it to support Gilgit Baltistan’s monetary advancement and improvement. It invited its most memorable global trip in May 2022. It was beforehand just functional for homegrown flights. The Pakistan Air Force involves it in a forward working office.


Homegrown and global guests utilize the pleasant Skardu air terminal to investigate Skardu Valley.


Skardu, being huge in the travel industry, journeying and mountain undertaking focus gets travel fans and thrill-seekers from various areas of the planet to encounter the grand view and the awesome experiences the city offers.

Skardu Airport – Important data


Operator             Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

Area                    18 kilometers from the principal Skardu city

IATA code           KDU

ICAO code           OPSD


The Skardu Airport is found 18 kilometers from the principal Skardu city. Since it is arranged on steep territory, travelers get a brief look at the snow-shrouded mountaintops while landing and taking off.


The air terminal is open from first light to nightfall throughout the late spring. Nonetheless, closing down is constrained due to unreasonable snowfall all through the cold weather months.


Skardu Airport Runway

Only one of the two-blacktop runways at the air terminal complex is functional. This air terminal’s functional runway is roughly 12,000 feet long; making it the nation is longest.

The other Skardu Airport runway is 8,740 feet in length.



This air terminal’s cover can house up to three Boeing 737 planes at some random time. The air terminal additionally has the most recent firefighting vehicles. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) presently works two everyday ATR42 trips between Skardu Airport and Islamabad International Airport.



The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority oversees and works this air terminal complex in Skardu.

Regardless of its modest size, the Skardu air terminal serves countless homegrown and global vacationers yearly. Limited body airplane work trips through VFR rules at the Skardu air terminal.


Skardu air terminal gets two ATR42 flights each week from Islamabad. Consistently, many explorers and guests who do not like to go by street for longer hours come to Skardu at the Skardu air terminal to see the district’s normal magnificence. You want to arrive at the air terminal a few hours before the flight’s take-off time.


Travelers are blessed to receive a stunning vista of the incomparable Indus River and the snow-covered mountains that encompass the Skardu Airport. It is a Fire Cat 6 office with state-of-the-art Oshkosh RFF vehicles.



The International Airport Transport Association ( IATA) relegates an extraordinary code to every air terminal worldwide to guarantee smooth and secure carrier tasks.